Heya! I’m here to inform you that I’m migrating to Foxaholic! It’s quite lonely translating alone here…

And I need a life. So there I’ll go.


And no, not dropping my translations. Just migrated. Migration will probably be in a week or so.

And please like the ones there too~! ANNOUNCE YOUR PRESENCE TO ME.

Yes, I’m back to being shameless.

See you next update at Foxaholic~

About Me

*Updates will be once every two days at 9 AM GMT-4 ~!

Name: Michi

Species: Humanoid sloth

Brain Power: -3,000

IQ: 210

Free time: ……I have that?








Contact me at:

Gmail: yurisloth9@gmail.com

Novel Updates: michiesther9

Discord: Mochi#7657

Can’t guarantee response tho. Things exist. Like homeworks. And tests. And projects. And school.

And my broken notifications. They just won’t show up no matter what I do.